There's More to Eco-Warriors Project.

Knowledge about the environment is indispensable to protecting it and our very ability to make sustainable decisions for current and future generations. 

Environmental literacy creates the conditions that enable current and future environmental challenges, ranging from climate change to water scarcity, to be durably solved.  It does so in part by changing the context in which environmental, public health, and natural resource decisions are considered and ultimately made. 

The goal of the Eco-Warriors Project is environmental education program is to lead an effort to improve environmental literacy in the U.S., expanding the quality and availability of both formal and informal environmental education.  To do this, we will help build a strong field, one that is well-resourced, built on strong evidence, and effective in communicating about the benefits it bestows on individuals and communities.  The Result: people equipped and empowered to protect their health and the environment, creating a more sustainable world.    

At Eco-Warriors, a Better Tomorrow Begins Today.